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Zooborn velvet blanket


Children's Velvet Blanket with a composition of 100% polyester and velor weave. The softest, velvet and light blanket that will embrace your child with warmth on autumn and winter nights. Thanks to its weave it has the wonderful, soft texture of velvet. In addition, its polyester composition offers characteristic softness, but also great durability over time, to keep its color and shape unchanged, without requiring special care. All the warmth and coziness that your child needs to sleep peacefully and comfortably.


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The Zooborn blanket has a neutral beige color and a wonderful printed pattern with jungle animals. Its velvety texture highlights its design that will offer the child many moments of joy and play, as he discovers the images on his blanket. Its neutral, bright color creates a serene, clean feeling in the children's room that will help the child relax and sleep peacefully.

NIMA HOME linens are manufactured according to high quality standards and are subject to quality controls to ensure that they meet the company's specifications.


Velor, 100% Polyester

Soft composition, soft feeling, resistant to frequent washing

Printed design

Beige / Yellow / Green

Linen - children

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