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Happy Park Bed Linen Set


Set of cotton crib and cradle sheets of exceptional softness. They have a very soft feel and are hypoallergenic, ideal for baby's sensitive skin. Their natural fabric made of 100% cotton breathes and has a very good fit in the crib to offer the baby the calm and healthy sleep he needs to develop. They are very resistant to frequent washing without altering their shape and color or requiring special care.


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Happy Park cotton swing and crib sheets bring to the baby room fairy-tale images with a beautiful print design with dinosaurs. The green background and the happy figures give a calm to the whole. It is an ideal choice for little boys, as the fairytale figures with the dinosaurs will stimulate their imagination and give them joy. The floor sheet with its also green background and its simple geometric pattern, gives a mild contrast that enhances the color and brings harmony to the whole. Combine it with a matching blanket and organizing case for a complete image in the baby room.

All NIMA HOME linens are manufactured according to high quality standards and are subject to inspections to ensure that they meet the company's quality standards.

Set of crib sheets

Set of cradle sheets

100% Cotton

Soft, natural composition, soft feeling, resistant to frequent washing

Printed design

Green / Yellow / Gray

Environmentally friendly

Linen - baby

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