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Little Indian Bed Sheet Set


Set of crib and cradle sheets with a composition of 100% cotton. Extremely soft and gentle and at the same time resistant to frequent washing. They are hypoallergenic, antistatic and friendly to the baby's sensitive skin, offering him a comfortable and healthy sleep. Their cotton fabric breathes and fits very well in the crib and cradle to stay in place, allowing the baby to sleep peacefully.


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The Little Indian cotton sheets have a beautiful printed design with bunny-Indian dolls, Indian tents and feathers in sweet shades of green - bright green on a white base. The color of serenity and calm combined with a design that looks like a modern fairy tale illustration, will transform the baby room into a space ideal for your baby to sleep and relax. Your baby can sleep peacefully, with the bunny-Indians that will accompany his dreams and play hours.

NIMA HOME linens from 100% natural cotton are eco friendly and are offered in fabric packaging that replaces the use of plastics and synthetics with natural materials. In this way the ecological footprint is reduced and we contribute to the protection of the environment.

• Set of crib and cradle sheets

• 100% Cotton 144T.C.

• Soft, natural composition, soft feeling, resistant to frequent washing

• Printed design

• Green - bright green, white color

• Environmentally friendly

• Linen - baby

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