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Nene Bed Linen Set - Pink


Set of cradle and cot sheets from 100% cotton with jersey weave. The softest texture for your baby to sleep comfortably. Their jersey fabric, like our favorite mako t-shirts, is extremely soft and familiar. Thanks to its cotton composition it is hypoallergenic, breathes naturally, is not electrified and is ideal for the baby's sensitive skin. Cotton linens are very durable over time and frequent washes, without requiring special care. Give your baby the restful and healthy sleep he or she needs to grow into a sensitive baby.


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The Nene Pink cotton sheets set has a sheet decorated with the sweetest stars in a printed design and the other is a solid pink, so you can choose what you like every time. Their light pink color expresses their innocence and sensitivity for a classic girly and romantic aesthetic in the children's room. Their design harmoniously combines simplicity with decoration to offer a light, clean feel. Create a baby room full of sweetness and coziness, for your little star to make his first dreams.

All NIMA HOME linens are manufactured according to high quality standards and are subject to inspections to ensure that they meet the company's quality standards.

Set of crib sheets

Set of cradle sheets

100% Cotton

Jersey weave

Soft, natural composition, soft feeling, resistant to frequent washing

Printed design & monochrome

Pink - White

Environmentally friendly

Linen - baby

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